Dress Code

Now that the warm weather is here, we are reminding all of our students and families about our school dress code, found on page 19 in the Student and Parent Handbook as follows:  
The Dr. Robert G. O'Donnell Middle School is an academic institution. It is expected that all persons associated with this school will dress in a manner which is appropriate for a formal educational environment. We realize that style of dress is a matter of personal taste.  However, any attire that is deemed to be either a distraction or a disruption to the learning process is unacceptable.  We do expect that you will dress neatly, cleanly and appropriately at all times. Clothing which displays offensive language or images or illegal substances is not acceptable in a school setting.  Hats, bandanas, or any hooded garment, coats, jackets and other head gear are not considered appropriate attire inside the school building, and as such, are not to be worn. Hats or headdress worn for religious or medical reasons are allowed. Anything related to gang membership is banned:  weapons, violence, illegal activity, gang identified clothing, insignia and gestures. Bare midriffs, see through garments, halter tops, strapless tops, spaghetti straps,  low cut blouses, tube tops, muscle shirts, pajamas, excessively short skirts/shorts/dresses are not to be worn in school. No undergarments should be showing.  All clothes must be worn at the proper height, (i.e.:  pants worn around waist).  No chains or spiked jewelry are allowed in school. Footwear that scratches, discolors or mars the gym floor is not allowed.  For your safety: shoes deemed to be dangerous should not be worn.
The Principal or his/her designee is authorized to:
  • have students change their clothing in school and/or
  • send the offending student home to change their clothing
  • take disciplinary action if clothing or jewelry is determined to be offensive, disruptive, and/or unsafe;
  • subject repeat offenders to disciplinary action
  • if clothing issue cannot be resolved assign ABC
The final decision on the appropriateness of any student’s attire rests with the school administration.