Student Activities

2020-2021 School Year
Academic Coaching Club
To get the school year to a strong start join Academic Coaching Club, Class Code: gjqugln 

Academic coaching club is for any students who want to learn organizational skills, such as: creating goals, organizing agenda, prioritizing tasks, time management, stress management, note taking strategies, test taking strategies.

Day: Wednesdays from 12:35 to 1:10 pm.
Teacher: Mr. Gorea 

Intramural Sports

This year intramural sports is still running virtually on Wednesdays! Instead of playing a variety of games together in the gym, the virtual focus will be on sports students are currently playing or are interested in and what they can do to improve. Ms. Crimmins coaches two sports at the SHS and has knowledge on what to expect in a sport at the high school level. All students are welcome!

Day: Wednesdays at 1pm
Teacher: Ms. Crimmins

Number Street Math Club

We want to invite you to The Math Club organized for students at the six grade through eighth grade level. 

The main theme of the Number Street Math Club is to have fun, to learn a lot of math, and to prepare for  some math competitions. The main benefit of The Number Street Math Club is the learning experience and supportive environment provided to the student. The main focus is placed on incremental progress and the building of a strong foundation in the students' academic career. The basic objective is help the math student to begin the process of how to think critically.

Day: Wednesdays at 1:20 to 2:20 pm.  
Join Now: Number Street Math Club, class code: emk3cwf
Teacher: Mr. Gorea 

OMS Drama Club

The OMS Musical is virtual this year. Auditions were in early October. This year’s production will be Super Happy Awesome News.

Day: Wednesdays at 1:30, Show will premiere in early January 2021.
Teacher/s: Ms. Crowley and Ms. Bauman

OMS Jazz Club

OMS Jazz Club takes place virtually. Students use a Digital Audio Workstation called Soundtrap to create beats, edit and record tracks and collaborate with other peer musicians. While the club is targeted for instrumental music, the new electronic medium provides opportunities for non instrumentalists to participate. Students also explore jazz history and listening and are guided through activities where they can play their instruments at home and create recordings in a digital landscape.
Day: virtually on Wednesdays from 3:15-4. Contact Mr. Curbow for further questions.
Teacher: Mr. Curbow 

Peer Leadership

Peer Leadership is an activity designed for students to commit to community service. Peer leaders should be students in good standing; meaning they show good effort in academics, have good attendance, do not engage in poor behaviors, and are looked upon as role models by students and staff. 

Day: Wednesdays from 12:35-1:30 virtually at, nickname: peerleadership
Teacher: Mrs. Coughlan

The OMS Scoop 

The OMS Scoop is the student-run newspaper at OMS. Students write articles, take photos, make comics and other artwork for submission each month. The student editors help to edit this digital newspaper before it goes out to the school community. Meetings will be virtual. 

Day: Wednesdays at 12:30pm, newspaper published monthly 
Teachers: Mrs. N. Murphy & Mr. Colantonio
Class Code: 3iqk5or

Science Around the World

Science Around the World is our virtual Science Club at OMS this year.  We explore science and technology / STEM topics through "traveling" virtually into different parts of the world. We have students look at the history of science contributions and/or STEM development as well as exploring fun facts, unique lifestyles, and interesting cultural habits. Join us to learn science in a fun way and/or meet some real-life scientists as our guest speakers. 

Day: Wednesdays from 1:15pm virtually (meeting times may be adjusted for guest speakers outside of America) at, nickname: science128  (Please check our club Google Classroom page for details)
Teacher: Mrs. Lee


Spectrum is a club designed for students identifying as part of the LGBTQ community and their allies. In Spectrum we participate in activities related to tolerance and diversity, getting to know more about ourselves and each other, and enjoying a safe space to feel comfortable. 

Day: Spectrum meets from 1-1:30 on Wednesdays.  Click the link for the Google Classroom invite.  
Teacher: Ms. Brookshire

Student Council

The Middle School Student Council advises the principal and the council advisor on student issues and acts as a voice for the student body. They also promote school spirit and community service. The student council is open to all students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Meetings will be virtual this year. 

Day: Wednesdays at 1pm
Teachers: Mr. D'Alessandro & Mrs. Gorman 
See the OMS Google Classroom for Students for weekly Meet link