Project 351

Project 351 Nominees & Ambassador

Project 351 believes that eighth graders have unlimited potential to be remarkable agents of change in their community and our world. Each fall, Ambassadors are selected to represent the 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth by hometown educators for an exemplary ethic of service and the values of kindness, compassion, humility, and gratitude.

Carolyn Casey, Project 351 Executive Director and Founder

O’Donnell Middle School Project 351 Ambassador Nominees, 2017

Samantha Tran (14)
Evan Hoover (1)
April Richardson (3)
Stephanie Bento (4)
Syna Sheth (10)
Annalisa Marckmann (12)
Erik Teodoro (8)
Ella Anderson (7)
Genesis Parker (6)
McKayla Williams (9)
Nathan Faria (15)
Auston Nguyen (2)
Celia Melo (11)
Daniel Nascimento (5)
2017 Ambassador: Immanuel White (13)