Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment

In compliance with the new Massachusetts House Bill No. 4056, SBIRT will be conducted for all 8th grade students starting in school year 2017/18. SBIRT stands for Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment. It is a very short confidential health screen developed to identify and help youth who may be struggling with drug and alcohol issues as well as to prevent youth from using in the first place. This is a research based best practice model that is being required of all School Districts in Massachusetts as part of the MA Opiate Prevention Bill. If you would prefer that your child not participate in this screening, we ask that you please send a note to your school nurse stating to exempt your child. 

More information will be sent home in a separate letter to explain this new Massachusetts Department of Public Health mandated screening. You can also get more information in the OMS Student Handbook, on the OASIS website, through the school nurse, or watch the videos below.   

SBIRT in Schools: Reinforcing Healthy Behaviors and Addresssing Safety Concerns.

SBIRT in Schools: Talking About Drinking.

SBIRT Letter to Parents & Guardians

See the attached parent resources for additional support services and education related to this initiative.