OMS Principal Matthew Colantonio Appointed Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Health & Operations

We are excited to announce that the Stoughton School Committee has voted to appoint Matthew Colantonio as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Health & Operations for the Stoughton Public Schools. Mr. Colantonio is currently the Administrative Principal at the O’Donnell Middle School and will remain as Principal at the OMS for the rest of the school year, joining the team at the SPS District Office in July. 

Mr. Colantonio has been Principal at the OMS since 2012 and has worked for the Stoughton Public Schools since 2001, when he began as an English teacher at Stoughton High. He then became Assistant Principal at the O’Donnell Middle School and Principal at Stoughton High School, before serving in his current role for the last 11 years. In 2018, he was named the Massachusetts Middle School Principal of the Year. 

Mr. Colantonio has exceptional skills in: educational leadership; staff recruitment, retention, and development; team building; and communication. As the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Health & Operations, he will manage all aspects of hiring and recruitment as well as provide support and oversight for our health department, operations, and food services. 

"Matt Colantonio is an incredibly effective administrator. He has demonstrated a 22 year commitment to the Stoughton Public Schools and I am pleased to see him take this next step in his career, right here in Stoughton. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the position,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Thomas Raab said. 

“Mr. Colantonio will leave a lasting impression on the O’Donnell Middle School and we recognize that he leaves behind big shoes to fill. Mr. Colantonio will be an excellent addition to the District Office and we wish him luck as he takes on this new role,” School Committee Chair Sandra Groppi said. 

“This position was the perfect fit for me,” Mr. Colantonio said. “It allows me to stay in Stoughton, a district I have loved working my entire career in, and it centers around what I think are my strongest skills: people skills. I have always been good with people, at finding, recruiting, onboarding, and retaining wonderful faculty and staff members. It is what I am best at.”

Mr. Colantonio added: “I am so excited at the opportunity to help move the district forward. I am most looking forward to developing the best systems for attracting, hiring, and retaining the very best talent for the Stoughton Public Schools. And being the most senior principal in Stoughton, I am also really looking forward to helping to support principals in a more direct and impactful way.”

As for departing the OMS, Mr. Colantonio’s message to the OMS community was simple: “Thank you for the privilege of being the principal at what I think is the best middle school in the world. I am proud of the work we have done together and will remember my time at OMS fondly.”

The search for the next Administrative Principal at the OMS will begin shortly. 

Mr. Colantonio is pictured with the Stoughton School Committee after he was appointed to be the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Health & Operations at the February 28, 2023 School Committee meeting.